About Us

Growing up in Mississippi, we learned at a young age the ways of the kitchen. Our Grandma could cook anything, but she particularly mastered the style of southern cooking. When we were young children, we were helping out in the kitchen, measuring ingredients, going to get fresh eggs from the chicken coop, shucking corn, making biscuits, dumplings and cakes from scratch following our Grandma’s treasured handwritten recipe cards.

We were taught to never take shortcuts or cut corners. By the time we were teenagers, we had the skills to be able to cook an entire dinner for our family. All of that on the farm training with our Grandma worked like a charm.

Over the past several years, we’ve honed our cooking skills under the guidance of our parents and family from Louisiana. With their help, we’ve developed menus that honor cuisine from the deep south, made with only the freshest  ingredients.

Big Bon Appetit is a classic Southern/Creole culinary experience dedicated to those we love. Our service, hospitality, and attention to detail are second to none; it’s in our DNA.